December 8


They needed to keep moving, but they were exhausted. Tiredness crept up through their bones, and although their minds fought to stay awake, they fell one by one to the ground, too exhausted to go further. Nobody knows why. Nobody knows where they were going, or who they were. They just appeared out of nowhere. They disappeared just as quickly. It made us all question why they were so exhausted, and where they went. They were dead when we found them, but nobody knew why. Nobody knew how they got into that condition.

Nobody knew anything, and nobody does now.

November 26

PT Challenge Reflection

On Friday the 23rd of November we had the PT challenge. We had to get into groups and go around Moreland to answer questions about places like Ceres and Pentridge Prison. In my team, we had 6 people. Bridget, Zehra, Pippa, Nekki, Estella and I.

I think that our team did a considerably good job, but I don’t know how many points we managed to earn.

We went to lots of places like Ceres, which had lots of majestic chickens and one rooster (which was also majestic).

I think that everyone in my team had a fun time, even when it started raining, which slowed us down quite a lot. Everyone in our team managed to contribute in one way or another and we managed to get quite a few questions done.

When it started raining, it came as a bit of a challenge to the group, because we needed to keep the map and question sheet dry, so that we didn’t have to hand it a soggy ball of mush instead of paper. Our group went through a few challenges and sometimes we felt tired and like we wanted to stop, but Bridget kept dragging us to the next bus stop and making us keep going.

Even when it was raining really hard outside, our team still kept going for ages, until we finally decided to go back to school and wait for 2:30.

Overall, I think that all of the teams had a fun time, and the day was a good way to get us out of school for a bit and let us learn more about the PT system without locking us in a room with a bunch of maps and timetables.

November 16


“Do you remember what a yellow gorilla is?” Asked my friend.

“A yellow gorilla statue?” I said vaguely. I had to finish my assignment on how bricks are made before tomorrow, and I was running out of time. I kept frantically hacking at the keyboard as my time left to finish slowly ran out.

“It’s a pretty rare kind of animal.” Said my friend. “They’re only found in selective habitats around the world.”

“That’s not very helpful.” I said, quickly finishing my report.

“Yes it is.” She said, looking surprised. “It’s the subject of our biology report. It’s due today.”

November 2


Sometimes, because I said so, I can disappear into my own world.

Because sometimes, the world isn’t a good place, and it’s better to escape to my own world, a world where everything can work.

If I close my eyes, sometimes I can imagine myself to wherever I like, however I like.

Inside my mind the world is a piece of paper, waiting for words to describe it or pictures to capture a scene on it forever.

When I say so to myself, the world can disappear from my mind and go wait.

When I say so, my world changes.

November 2

3, 2, 1 reflection homework

3: The solar system is 4 ½ billion years old

3: We circle the galactic centre once every 250 million years

3: There are 8 planets: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune.

2: Have all the comets, asteroids and dwarf planets been named?

2: How long have the storms on Jupiter gone on for, and will they ever stop?

1: This video was about the solar system, where earth is and what the future of the solar system will be.

October 30

Valedictorian Speech

Welcome year sixes, parents, and teachers to the 2018 graduation.

The teachers have asked us to write a nice summary of our time here at school, but that would be a biased reflection of our time here. All of us have felt at one point as if school was like a giant box of moldy peanuts. Even if you chose what you got, you wouldn’t like it. We’ve all had that one day when we didn’t want to get up and go to school, but your parents forced you to come anyway. We’ve all had those times when we felt like school was a waste, but now all that time has been leading up to right now. Every choice we’ve made has led up to who we are now, and has created our unique personalities.

Despite how much we may or may not have liked our time at this school, I think that most of us will be sad to leave MPPS and all our memories from our time here.

Now that we’re leaving Moonee Ponds primary, we’ll be going other schools and probably leaving some friends. but our shared experiences here, good and bad, will always be a part of us, even when we’ve graduated from whatever high school we end up at. Although we’ve only spent about fourteen hundred days at school, it probably feels like much, much longer.

Looking back on our time here, we’ll all have at least one fond memory of our time here. We can only imagine how much different our childhood would have been if we had gone to some other school, and met other friends and had other teachers. But what happened in the past has happened and all we can do is be grateful for the choices we, and everyone else, have made in the past seven years.

I’d like to end my valedictorian speech with a quote from Dr Seuss. Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory.

October 12


Everything was dark outside. It reminded me of a time when all the power ran out and I couldn’t see anything. Except back then I had a torch, a way to see through the darkness. But this time I didn’t.

Something snapped in the darkness. I spun around, searching for the source of the noise, but there was nothing there. My nerves were tingling, and it seemed as though everything in the dark was watching me.

I couldn’t move forward. The icy cold fear gripped me as more twigs snapped in the distance.

Something was coming closer. From the shadows.

October 12


3: In 12000ish years the north star will change.

3: The Babylonians made calendars.

3: The Mayan long count calendar used a base of 20.

2: Why did they Greeks/Romans think the earth was in the centre of the universe?

2: How were things happening in space affecting the lives of the Maya?

1: This video reflected on three cultures whose knowledge affected the modern knowledge of space.

September 16


Larger than you think

A mystery

Running up straight out of the ground

Growing from the earth



Stone is strong and


Over the ground, used for building.

Never broken away.

Ever sitting where it started.



Are stronger than you think, and mysterious in all ways.

Never can one be sure what they are made for, and why.

Dead only when the rest dies, or when separated, otherwise immortal.

Straight up mysteries that can never be solved.


Rising from the ground

In the form of stone giants.

Stoned and left right there

Ever until the end of everything.

September 9


It was beautiful. But what colour should it be? Green, like the trees, grass, the plants? Or perhaps red, of the sky in dawn, the scarlet of freshly spilt blood. Or the blue of the sky and the depths of the ocean. Perhaps orange, bright and cheerful, the sun at the start and the end. Or maybe yellow, of flowers and the midday sun. Purple, maybe, dark yet calming to us in many situations. Or black, white, brown, or many many more, that we cannot even record.

We all see differently. What is it we can trust?

Can we trust?