February 28

CAMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!- SEAL TOURS :)

I was walking down a long track, like your typical everyday camp walk. Memories of yesterday’s tiering walk along the same track still lingered in my mind. Every step I took made me ask myself again and again, is it worth it? Was the seal tour going to be the highlight of camp?

As I continued to walk, these thoughts kept swirling around in a circle that just kept going and going.

Eventually, we reached an upside down boat by a small jetty. we had to wait for a while before a boat showed up. Then it went away and came back 1 minute later.

First we had to get on a life jacket that fit us. THEN we got to get into the boat.

I managed to get a seat at the back of the boat on the side which I suppose was better than one at the back in the middle.

Anyway, after that we saw the snorkeling boat. That boat was SO close I kept on getting splashed by salt water EVERYWHERE ( D: ).

We did a lot of splashing and jumping through the waves (I got splashed WAY too many times).

FINALLY, we saw THOUSANDS of seals (not really, I didn’t count them. I think there where less.).

There were SO many seals and I’m pretty sure I saw a pile of seaweed (hmm………).

Some seals were sleeping on the rocks. Others were just watching us. The rest were swimming and jumping in the water like dolphins.

We stayed around the seals for 2 or 3 minutes (maybe 4….? I didn’t count.). Anyway, after a while we turned around and went into a water cave.

It was a bit dark but I could see some seals on a rock near the back of the cave.

It was over too quickly. I hoped that the next activity would be that fun.


February 9

Letter from me

I’m Emma, my Chinese new year animal is the dog. I have been on holiday to Vietnam, New Zealand, South Australia and Western Australia.

I have one Cat, one dog and 5 fish.

I like to be with my friends, play with my dog and go to new places for holidays and weekends.

My favourite Holiday is Christmas, but I also like My birthday as well.

I have 6 friends, and 7 pets. My favourite pet is my dog, who we have had for roughly one year.

My favourite thing to do is play with my friends, and I like to hang out with them as much as I can!


From, Emma.