March 21

100 word challenge: but how can something so tiny..

I glared down at the small device I held in my hand as the wind whipped around, making my hair fall over my face.

But how can something so tiny change so much?

I wondered what else had happened, 209954398364823643956256596596 years in the future?

I didn’t want to find out.

But sadly, I did.

A flying car zipped over my head.

I wondered how I could get back to nice, 2017.

This place was too much.

I remembered when the homeless person had pressed this into my palm and disappeared.

I didn’t know how but I was going to get home.

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1 thoughts on “100 word challenge: but how can something so tiny..

  1. prapti2017

    Hi Emma What A lovely piece of writing. Lucky us we both got Learning and rock-star award from our class!!!!!!!!!!!!


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