April 26

100 WORD CHALLENGE! promt: car in a tree

It was a freezing cold winter day. I could see my breath curl up into a small puff of chilly air, snaking its way towards the clouds. Frost clung to the leaves of trees and bushes, swaying in the strong breeze.

A strong wind blew through the trees, almost blowing my car away. I sat on the frosty ground and clasped my hands around the warm keep cup.

Before I could take a sip, a strong gust of wind came and sent my car flying across the road to land in a tree’s branches.

How could I get home now?

April 25

BTN: endangered birds.

This week we got to choose which BTN video we used for the reflection, and i chose Endangered Birds. 

this is it!:

3: Two Thirds of Australian birds in Victoria aren’t in good shape.

3: Some areas have had a 40% drop in birds.

3: A change in weather leaves areas dry or wet. Dry areas mean less birds, because of less food.

2: If we do nothing, how long will it take for birds to become extinct?

2: What other kinds of bird species are disappearing?

1: This video was about endangered and normal (common) birds and what is happening to them


April 19

100 word challenge: picture prompt

I clung onto my Dad’s arm, staring up a

Billowing black cloud of smoke that hung

Over the destroyed town.

“Are you sure Mt Vesuvius won’t erupt


My dad laughed.

“It only erupted once, at that was ages

ago. It won’t erupt now.”

We turned the corner and found a brick wall with two figures halfway in it.

“how did that happen?” I asked

“maybe there was a gap in the wall and they walked through when it happened.” Said my dad.

“but weren’t all the clothes burnt?” I asked.

“I don’t know. It’s a mystery.” He said mysteriously.