May 24

WannaCry Cyber attack. BTN reflection.

3: Wannacry is a computer virus that happened in 150 different countries.

3: Over 300,000 computers have been affected.

3: Some hospitals in the U.K where temporarily shut down.

2: How many operations where postponed?

2: How did it get leaked? (if it was NSA’s fault)

1: This was about Wannacry, which is a computer virus that affected over 300,000 countries.

May 24

100 word challenge: prompt is on website

I had a squashy cheeseburger for my lunch (weird cheese OK)!

Without noticing I folded some cranes out of my newspaper. I looked on the table and saw them, getting an idea.

I folded two hands out of the newspaper, then put them on the table so it looked like they were coming out of the table.

I felt a sudden urge to hold the hands and pull them off the table. But that was silly! It was origami.

But I reached and pulled out the hands. They were followed by a body.

It reached out and stole my lunch.

May 23

My Graph: Average Global Temperatures

This is my graph

This is the data I used to make this graph:

 I chose a line graph because line graphs are used for showing change over time and this data shows the temperature from 1860 to 2000.

By looking at this graph, you can see that it was hotter in 2000 than in 1900.


May 17

BTN reflection: Wipe Out Waste

3: there is a program teaching kids to wipe out waste.

3: Every year Australians throw out around 50 million tons of waste.

3: One school is hoping to not have any bins by the end of the year.

2: How often does the waste get sorted?

2: how long until the school is waste free?

1: This was about a new program in some schools to reduce the amount of waste that goes to landfill each year.

May 17

100 word challenge. prompt: Wide, Orange, Crocodile, within, collapsed

It was a pleasant sunny day, when I saw a Wide, orange crocodile within a collapsed cave.

Of course, when I saw it I did what any sensible person would do: I ran.

Once I thought It couldn’t see me, it came right out of the bushes!

I ran into a cave. It was there too!

I ran outside, to find 8 crocodiles outside the cave.

I wondered what the crocodiles where doing I had never seen anything like this.

I decided to run into the cave, but as soon as I did the roof started to collapse on me!

May 9

100 WORD CHALLENGE! prompt: I just couldn’t eat something so

I just couldn’t eat something so did that mean I could DRINK something? I grabbed the blender and some ice cream and some mango, and put it all in the blender.  I turned on the blender and listened to the hum as the smoothie was created.

I poured out the thick, creamy smoothie into a tall glass cup. I drank the smoothie quickly, it left an aftertaste of frozen mango in my mouth.

I heard footsteps and my dad walked into the room.

Hey! You’re not going to enjoy dinner now. Didn’t we tell you DO NOT TO EAT ANYTHING?!?!?!?”

May 4

BTN reflection: Kids Suing Trump

3: Erosion is a cause of climate change.

3: 25 kids, environment organisations and experts are attempting to sue Donald Trump.

3: Donald Trump wants to stop people from stopping climate change, because he doesn’t believe that climate change is real.

2: How far will they get before they fail or win?

2: When will the trial be held?

1: This BTN video was about how a group of kids and environment organisations are attempting to sue Donald Trump for ignoring climate change.

May 3

100 WORD CHALLENGE! prompt: the best day of my life

Just as the bell rang for us to go in, the fact that my VERY IMPORTANT HOMEWORK was due popped into my mind as I walked up the slippery stone stairs.

As I walked into the classroom, a blast of heat hit me in the chest, warming me from the tips of my toes to my head.

I rapidly thought of excuses as the teacher walked into the room.

“Class” she announced “I am giving you 8 more days to finish the VERY IMPORTANT HOMEWORK, since it is harder than the normal homework.”

Best day of my life! I thought.