June 20

My story: The BEGINNING of the END

This is my story. I hope that you like it. If you think I could improve anything please tell me because I am going to write a sequel. 


I Groaned and rolled over, rubbing my eyes as sunlight blazed into my bedroom, casting a cheerful glow around the room.

I rolled off the bed, pulling the blankets with me and landed with a loud THUD on the carpeted bedroom floor.

Groaning again, I got up and began to get dressed.

Outside, birds were singing their little songs, calling to each other as they flew through the cloudy sky.

In the distance, I could faintly hear the sounds of the busy marketplace on the other side of town.

It seemed like a typical day in this little town, nothing bad had happened yet today.

But I knew better.

SOMETHING was wrong.

I needed to know WHAT though.

I ran out my room, down the stairs and raced into my parent’s room.

“Mum?” I called softly. “Dad?”

A strange, almost invisible shape rose from the bed, defiantly not one of my parents.

“Listen” It said, in a hissing voice like 10 voices speaking at once.

“For I shall tell you this only once, then you must pass on the message to those who understand more.”

I swallowed. “O-ok” I said in a hoarse whisper.

Then the ghost began to speak.




“Darkness sleeps, unaware

Hidden away in a secret lair

A promise can be kept and broken

Opposite fates to be spoken.

White and Black must stand together,

Against the darkness that goes forever.”


I sensed movement behind me, and turned to see my brother standing there, looking at me with wide eyes.

“Y-you killed them!” He gasped.

“What??!!” I exclaimed, surprised by the sudden accusation.

My brother turned and ran down the hallway, and a few seconds later I heard the door slam shut.

I quickly raced into my room and grabbed a bag, a water bottle and a bow.

I tugged at the window, then realised It was stuck.

Deciding I didn’t have time to search for the key, I grabbed my clock and threw it at the window.

The window shattered, and I pulled on a jumper and some sandals.   Quickly and swiftly, I leaped out the window and landed on the street.

Recovering quickly, I ran down the streets and into the forest.

Very soon, I heard the rustling of leaves and a small, nimble shape landed in front of me.

It moved forward quickly, its eyes glinting in the darkness.

It came closer.

And closer.

And closer.

June 7

BTN reflection: Antarctic Icebreaker.

3: The aurora australis (I don’t know how to spell it) is an ice breaker ship.

3: Kids in Australia are allowed to try name the new one for a prize.

3: People go to the artic to study the animals and climate.


2: How long has the other ship been in action?

2: How long where the passengers stranded for?


1: This BTN video was about a new icebreaker ship that is being made to replace the aurora australis.

June 4

ONE HUNDRED WORD CHALLENGE: The water just kept gushing out..

The water kept gushing out of the tap.

I franticly turned it left and right, attempting to turn it off.

The water was up to my knees know, and still getting higher and higher.

I was doomed.

Up to my waist now.

What could I do? I was locked in a bathroom with a tap that wouldn’t turn off!

My heart is beating faster and faster, since I have no way of getting out of this bathroom.

It’s getting closer.

And closer.

Franticly I move the tap left and right, then something HORIBLE happens.

The tap falls off the wall.

June 4

ONE HUNDRED WORD CHALLENGE: In a flash of lightning i saw…

I saw two posts for a prompt, so I wrote two hundred word challenges. This is one of them.


In a flash of lightning I saw…

A person.

A suspicious looking figure running down a dark ally, away from the bank.

What is that person doing here? In a storm?

I didn’t think about this much because I was in a storm too, and getting quite wet.

I ran away, towards my house and slammed the door behind me.

Suspicious People and storms don’t mix.


I got up and turned on the T.V, where a reporter was just talking about the bank.

“So yes, yesterday the bank was robbed, we ask that any information could be told to us.”

In a flash of lightning I saw…

A person.