July 26


Eleven short story: read like a writer

IDEAS: The writer is writing about a person who has just turned nine and feels like they are still different ages and wish nobody noticed them.

ORGANIZATION: It was organized so that the reader would know how the character was feeling and what made them so annoyed and upset.

VOICE: The writer made it clear how the character was feeling and it also used an age to say what part of the character was making them feel like that.

WORD CHOICE: The author described the characters well and used something that might have been a metaphor: sitting there like a big red mountain and hanging all over the edge like a waterfall.

SENTINCE FLUENCY: There wasn’t much dialog, and the sentences were mostly describing

July 25

Little Ania: Read like a reader


I predict this will be about a small girl called Ania who is different from everyone else.


I infer that she might not be cured in the hospital.

I infer that the nurses won’t find out.

I infer that the old man is working for the nurses.


Why does she have hair?

How did her great-great (idk how many greats) grandmother make the person?


I am reminded of books about crazy scientists and strange people like the book wonder (which I haven’t read but know about) when I read this.


When she went to hospital I felt sad and felt like the others should of just accepted her as what she was.


This story was interesting, it made me curious and I wanted to find out what happened next and why she was like this.