August 5

Joseph Bryant short story homework

  • The ideas and concepts this story helps you understand are feelings like sadness and loss when Joseph dies, and love throughout the entire story.
  • I think the author is saying that people should be supportive of everyone, no matter what they look like or if they have disabilities or a sickness like Joseph was. I think that the author wanted the reader to understand what love truly is and why we should be grateful that we get to feel emotions like love. I think after reading this story, the author wants people to think do I actually love this/them? How sad would I be if I lost it/them?
  • People who don’t understand love might get more from this story than, say a person who knows what love is and fully understands its meaning. I think that when it says “He held on for longer than any of the doctors or nurses thought he would.” It is saying that even if you or someone you love is going through something like cancer, there is always hope that they will recover.
  • I don’t think there is anything in this text that would be representing something, but maybe this is representing somebody in the authors life.
  • Something that happened in the story all the time was Joseph being enthusiastic and always being happy. So maybe it’s trying to say that there is always hope. It might be representing that humans are able to go through lots, and you can hope but it’s not going to mean it will work.
  • I think the themes in this story were hope sadness and loss. Hope for Joseph to survive, Loss when he dies and Love from Charlotte.


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