August 15

Charles homework

  • The main character was the dad and his son Laurie.

Laure wears jeans, a shirt and a belt and it never says what the dad wears.

The dad was concerned about ‘Charles’ and how ‘Charles’ was going to influence his son.

  • I think that the dad wants his son to have a good education and a happy life and I’m not sure what the son wants.

I think he wants this maybe because he had a bad education or he wants his son to have success with his life.

  • The end leaves the character hanging with the “Charles? We don’t have a Charles in the class” so it doesn’t say if the dad is successful with his wish.

The obstacle is probably that Charles is apparently there and might be a bad influence.

  • I’m not sure if the characters changed because like I said before it ends with a cliff-hanger and doesn’t say if there is success or if the characters have learnt anything.

His son might have learnt to be better, because apparently Charles “gave the crayons around and he picked up the books afterward”. This might have been the case if Laurie was actually Charles.

  • The author made this realistic by making it in the world we live in and having problems that might occur here, and not in some fantasy land with fairies and dragons and made it set in everday places: a school and a house.

The disasters were probably this mythical “Charles’s” influence on Laurie and the fact that, as we learnt later, there is no “Charles in the class”

The setting is helpful because, as I said before they are everyday places most people know.

This is a world where it’s mostly the same as our world with people and schools and parents and teachers and etc., etc., ect,…

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