September 13

HWC prompt is: so, what lies ahead of

I hope you enjoy this.

If you don’t then that’s YOUR problem. Here it is!


“So, what lies ahead of these mountains?” I asked, pulling my legs in towards my chest and staring at the clouds that covered the view.

“Nobody’s ever gone there.” said my dad, patting my shoulder. “it’s a bit of a mystery.”

“I wonder what’s there.” I said.


Twenty years later…

I stood up straighter, holding the straps of my backpack and looking at the vast emptiness that stretched before me. I knew there was a secret there, something powerful and ancient that had been lost and forgotten for millions of years.

And I think I know how to get there.

September 7

HWC homework✅

Here is my HWC. The prompt is underneath it.  Enjoy!



I could sense something was wrong.

Ever since the storm started, sending my hair flapping in my face and freezing my ears off with the cold chunks of hail I could feel a looming sense of wrongness in my stomach.

What was it?

Maybe there was some horrible, man-eating giant …

Stop it! I chided myself you’ll kill yourself worrying.

Once the wind had died down I hiked down the hill over to the meadow, to look for something there.

I found a set of giant footprints.

And a shadow, larger than anything I had ever seen, appeared behind me.