November 22

Transition Session #1

The prompt is but where would we hide it all? 


They say she could steal everything from us.

Our most valuable items, our money, even our house.

However, she does not. Many people say it is because she does not want to get in trouble.

However, I know that is not right.

I have seen people ask her to steal for her. However, every time it is the same answer. Every time, she says but where would we hide it all?”

She could steal. The only thing that stops her is that she can’t hide it.

However, I hear somebody convinced her.

Maybe we will all be poor this morning.

November 19

HWC: It’s about chips.

This is my HWC. Its about somebody deciding if they should ask somebody who is unnamed to steal the chips. Here it is.


I looked at the large pile of potato chips in front of me. We could steal it, but where would we hide it all? There is nothing for us to hide it in. but, it’s a chip museum. Nobody would care if I stole one tiny chip.

However, I am not allowed to steal chips. I only look for things to steal. I do not think anyone would buy chips for much money.

I glanced over at the door, to check if anyone was watching me. I looked back at the pile of chips, and then walked away. Only chips.

November 16

Joy poem.

This is my joy poem.


Joy at the sound of the after school bell.

Joy at the freedom as you leave school.

Joy at the sound of your dog greeting you.

Joy at the happiness of being with your dog.

Joy at the sound of your cat purring.

Joy at the cat lying on your feet.

Joy at the sound of the birds singing.

Joy at the realization that it is the weekend.

Joy at the door slamming as your siblings leave the house.

Joy at the idea of a day without your siblings.

Joy at the sound of your brothers riding away.

Joy at the weekend.

November 1

HWC challenge

Yesterday, I had a weird dream. It was weirder than usual, with weird things and weird stuff. I was swimming through a pool of flame. I had just celebrated Halloween and was stuffing my face with white lollies. The pool kept on changing colour and then I ended up floating in the middle of a giant room full of potatoes. Soon, I fell onto the potatoes and then they turned into chocolate. Then I turned into a cat and started turning on a 180 degree angle for ages in the middle of a river of chocolate.

Hopefully tomorrow is this fun.