December 15

The Giver Book Reflection.

I think this book was a Sci-Fi book and I think it was set in the future. The part I did not like about this book was that there were many flashbacks and too much time was spent explaining things in the first few chapters. However, I think that overall it was a good book. It was interesting how the book had small twists that are there, but you never notice them until the author mentions it. Examples of this include that there was no colour or real feelings. I would recommend this book to people that like sci-fi or fiction books because I feel like that is the books genre. The plot was interesting because it went from being about somebody having a normal life, then he finds out that his life is not perfect.

I think the author wrote this to make us feel grateful for all the things we take for granted. These things include snow, memories, strong feelings and even being unique.

My favourite part was when Jonas found out that, his life wasn’t perfect and that he had no hunger or poverty but it was at the price of losing many things we take for granted.

If I had been the author, I might’ve changed the part at the end and made it harder for Jonas to leave his family behind.

Overall, I think this book was aimed at people who take things for granted.

My rating of this book is 8/10.


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