March 13

HWC challenge: Prompt can be found on the website.

Yesterday my father dropped his cup,

Yesterday his cup he dropped.

He dropped it over the paddocks.

Over the paddocks, he dropped his cup.

On a summer afternoon, he dropped it,

He dropped it on a summer afternoon.

It broke the sound barrier that day,

The sound barrier that day it broke.

The cup was bigger than my head,

Bigger than my head was the cup.

It startled the animals and it scared the sheep,

Startling the animals and scaring the sheep,

He sent me out to find it today.

I found it but how do I get it back?

Posted March 13, 2018 by emmac2016 in category 100 word challenge

3 thoughts on “HWC challenge: Prompt can be found on the website.

      1. Juice100WC

        Hi again Emma.I do serve apple juice, but you have to comment HONESTLY on Pippa’s blog post “letter to Libby’ about the ART!
        How rude! i am not fake! >:(


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