April 20

HWC. Prompt: Although they ran quickly, they were still not making enough progress

The icy air stung my eyes, as I looked over the wall, afraid of what I would see. All I saw was fog, covering everything beyond the wall. Soon through the thickening sheet of fog, I saw two figures running away from something. Something hidden in the fog. Something dark. Something evil. Although they ran quickly, they were still not making enough progress to escape it. Deep in my stomach, I could feel the dread rising and I dropped my gaze and fell down the back of the wall. I could feel that this thing would come for us all.

April 16

Book Review: River of Fire

Review: I think that the genre of this book was adventure and fiction. I think it was adventure because it’s about groups of cats living in a forest around a lake, and they get into battles and things like fires and droughts happen. I think its fiction because there is no such thing as the place that they live in the real world and the cats and their clans don’t really exist. Something that surprised me was when Mistystar decided to close RiverClan’s border, because before this book Mistystar was always a sensible character. My favorite part is when Twigpaw and Finpaw (a cat from SkyClan who came with her to ThunderClan) are accepted and get their full names, which means that they completed training, and they are accepted into the clan.

My favourite character in this book is Twigpaw, because she is the positive and encouraging character that keeps going even if others are trying to stop her, and she only does what she thinks is right and not what other people tell her.

I would recommend this book to people who like cats and who aren’t bothered by a bit of fighting or annoying characters. I would say the age group for reading this book is for everyone that likes all the things listed and has an understanding of tier 2+ language.

Summary: This book was about what happened when Twigpaw (one of the main characters) left SkyClan to go back to ThunderClan because she didn’t feel that she was at home, and the things that she had to do to let ThunderClan accept her since she had already left ThunderClan before. It was also, about how the rouge cat Tree that Needletail showed Violetshine had to fit in to SkyClan even though he didn’t want to become a warrior or medicine cat. This made the book interesting because these 2 characters shared the problem of having to fit in and have the other characters accept them.

Overall, I would rate this book 4½ out of 5.