September 16


Larger than you think

A mystery

Running up straight out of the ground

Growing from the earth



Stone is strong and


Over the ground, used for building.

Never broken away.

Ever sitting where it started.



Are stronger than you think, and mysterious in all ways.

Never can one be sure what they are made for, and why.

Dead only when the rest dies, or when separated, otherwise immortal.

Straight up mysteries that can never be solved.


Rising from the ground

In the form of stone giants.

Stoned and left right there

Ever until the end of everything.

September 9


It was beautiful. But what colour should it be? Green, like the trees, grass, the plants? Or perhaps red, of the sky in dawn, the scarlet of freshly spilt blood. Or the blue of the sky and the depths of the ocean. Perhaps orange, bright and cheerful, the sun at the start and the end. Or maybe yellow, of flowers and the midday sun. Purple, maybe, dark yet calming to us in many situations. Or black, white, brown, or many many more, that we cannot even record.

We all see differently. What is it we can trust?

Can we trust?