May 27

HWC challenge.

prompt is in bold.

When you wake up in the morning, you have to grab a hula skirt and dance around your bedroom, singing “MAGICAL UNICORNS ARE GOOD FOR YOUR HEALTH” and then eat half your pillow. Then you have to run downstairs and sneeze into the compost bin five times.

No, no. I can hear you already. I hear your excuse. But I didn’t understand the instructions!

You did. Don’t lie to me. You have to do this. If you don’t have a hula skirt, take it from your siblings or parent. If you don’t have a pillow steal it.

You do understand.

May 21

HWC: A guide to fire lions.

The fire lion is a very rare sight. It can be found in the wetlands of India and the forests in the ocean. Usually they are seen eating Chinese or Russian food. If you get to close to one, they might turn into a tree. Young fire lions are usually accompanied wherever they go by a rabid cockroach that acts as their guard. If you’re careful, you might see one. If you’re not, it might explode! Don’t look into the eyes of a teenage fire lion for too long, or you’ll start feeling like you ate a ton of pizza.

May 6


I shuddered at the thought of being SHOUTED at. I could almost hear somebody’s voice cutting through the cold MISTY air. I FRANTICALLY wondered where everyone else was. I could feel the cold mist cut into my bones, freezing them as my breath curled up in the air like a spiral of smoke rising from a fire. Deep in the mist, I could hear GRAVE voices speaking quietly. Who were they? What did they want? I look the other way, and saw a flash of CRIMSON in the corner of my vision. I shrunk back, unsure of what would happen.

April 20

HWC. Prompt: Although they ran quickly, they were still not making enough progress

The icy air stung my eyes, as I looked over the wall, afraid of what I would see. All I saw was fog, covering everything beyond the wall. Soon through the thickening sheet of fog, I saw two figures running away from something. Something hidden in the fog. Something dark. Something evil. Although they ran quickly, they were still not making enough progress to escape it. Deep in my stomach, I could feel the dread rising and I dropped my gaze and fell down the back of the wall. I could feel that this thing would come for us all.

March 22

HWC- prompt is on the website

The eggs sat on the table, grinning at the rabid squirrels that had put them there as the squirrels nommed on salty lollipops. Outside the window in the warm winter air, a sick astronaut floated around and played go fish with a talking pink dog. Down the street the leaves practised their martial art skills on the dirt that floated in the sky. My neighbour was walking their goldfish across the air and eating some nails while they went. A worm was chasing a bird with an iron-studded club and trying to hit it. Today was a completely normal day.

March 13

HWC challenge: Prompt can be found on the website.

Yesterday my father dropped his cup,

Yesterday his cup he dropped.

He dropped it over the paddocks.

Over the paddocks, he dropped his cup.

On a summer afternoon, he dropped it,

He dropped it on a summer afternoon.

It broke the sound barrier that day,

The sound barrier that day it broke.

The cup was bigger than my head,

Bigger than my head was the cup.

It startled the animals and it scared the sheep,

Startling the animals and scaring the sheep,

He sent me out to find it today.

I found it but how do I get it back?

March 5

HWC CHALLENGE: What if I was in charge?

The world is very funny.

It seems to involve a lot of money.

But what if I was in charge?

Would the people be very large?

Would I make more rivers and forests?

Or would I keep all the money in a closet?

Would I make people have rights and money?

Or would I go and eat all the honey?

Would I make everyone have what they need?

Or would I give to the wealthy, seeds?

It’s a big and questioning question, this.

Would I succeed or would I miss?

I wonder what would happen.

If I was in charge.


February 22


On a dark midnight day, in the cold winter air, a bunch of trees prepared for a summertime battle in the corner of the circle. The bald trees pulled out their hair as they ran slowly towards the other trees that were conveniently behind them.

Eating soggy whizz fizz they ran north, they attacked all the other trees in their way, by giving them fertilizer and water to keep them healthy.

Munching on their soggy breakfast cereals, they spat fire at the other trees, so that the other trees could feel nice and warm.

That is the end of this.


February 14


We were moving very fast when a large gust of wind came and stole my lunch.

I glared at my dad. “I told you to put down the window.”

“I’m sorry. Is this not SATISFACTORY for you?” He said.

“Yes actually.” He sighed and rolled his eyes. “Out of the car.”

I glared at him. “No.”

He glared back. “Yes. Walk to the campsite.”

I spat out my next words. “Fine.”

I jumped out of the car and stalked down the road, though the car quickly overtook me.

By the time I reached the campsite..

Nobody. There was nobody there.

February 11

It came down the drainpipe. I didn’t know what it was, and I didn’t really care about it.

Until it STOLE MY CHOCOLATE. That made me mad, so I did the logical thing. I threw my shoe at it. Nothing happened, except I missed. THEN, to make my day even WORSE, it ATE MY CHOCOLATE.

My beautiful, chocolatey one-dollar chocolate!

I had spent ONE WHOLE DOLLAR on that chocolate, so I wasn’t going to let some weird thing from the drainpipe steal it. It was MINE. MY chocolate. I will fight this thing-from-the-drainpipe with my beautiful life. For my chocolate.