February 11

It came down the drainpipe. I didn’t know what it was, and I didn’t really care about it.

Until it STOLE MY CHOCOLATE. That made me mad, so I did the logical thing. I threw my shoe at it. Nothing happened, except I missed. THEN, to make my day even WORSE, it ATE MY CHOCOLATE.

My beautiful, chocolatey one-dollar chocolate!

I had spent ONE WHOLE DOLLAR on that chocolate, so I wasn’t going to let some weird thing from the drainpipe steal it. It was MINE. MY chocolate. I will fight this thing-from-the-drainpipe with my beautiful life. For my chocolate.


February 3

Homework: Letter about MOI! 😉

Hi, anybody reading this (whoever that might be)

I’m Emma (you should already know this and if you don’t… how did you get here? And how don’t you know the name of the blog?).

I live in… actually I won’t tell you.

I have 7 pets. A dog called Scout, a Cat called Sparky (he’s older than me in HUMAN YEARS. am) and some fish called um… let me think about that….. nah I’ll get back to you on their names.

I have a mum and a dad (obviously) and two twin brothers called Tom and Bryn. They’re equally annoying. And even more annoying than you think.

You most likely got to my blog through the school website, so you should know that I go to MPPS. I’m 11 years old (turning 12) and in grade 6. I like cats AND dogs so don’t ask me which is better. I hate homework (especially maths homework) and like (read- LOVE)  holidays and the weekend.

I’ve been on holiday and camping a lot. (my mother is very active) and seen interesting things like wave rock in western Australia and temples in Vietnam.

I like to relax, hang out with my friends and read books. some series I love include Percy Jackson, Heroes of Olympus, Magnus Chase, Warriors and Wings Of Fire.

My Chinese zodiac sign is the dog, since I was born in 2006, the year of the dog. I like dogs. My dog is fluffy, small, and cute!

So that’s all you need to know about me! Bye!

Seriously, bye.

Stop reading.


December 15

The Giver Book Reflection.

I think this book was a Sci-Fi book and I think it was set in the future. The part I did not like about this book was that there were many flashbacks and too much time was spent explaining things in the first few chapters. However, I think that overall it was a good book. It was interesting how the book had small twists that are there, but you never notice them until the author mentions it. Examples of this include that there was no colour or real feelings. I would recommend this book to people that like sci-fi or fiction books because I feel like that is the books genre. The plot was interesting because it went from being about somebody having a normal life, then he finds out that his life is not perfect.

I think the author wrote this to make us feel grateful for all the things we take for granted. These things include snow, memories, strong feelings and even being unique.

My favourite part was when Jonas found out that, his life wasn’t perfect and that he had no hunger or poverty but it was at the price of losing many things we take for granted.

If I had been the author, I might’ve changed the part at the end and made it harder for Jonas to leave his family behind.

Overall, I think this book was aimed at people who take things for granted.

My rating of this book is 8/10.


November 22

Transition Session #1

The prompt is but where would we hide it all? 


They say she could steal everything from us.

Our most valuable items, our money, even our house.

However, she does not. Many people say it is because she does not want to get in trouble.

However, I know that is not right.

I have seen people ask her to steal for her. However, every time it is the same answer. Every time, she says but where would we hide it all?”

She could steal. The only thing that stops her is that she can’t hide it.

However, I hear somebody convinced her.

Maybe we will all be poor this morning.

November 16

Joy poem.

This is my joy poem.


Joy at the sound of the after school bell.

Joy at the freedom as you leave school.

Joy at the sound of your dog greeting you.

Joy at the happiness of being with your dog.

Joy at the sound of your cat purring.

Joy at the cat lying on your feet.

Joy at the sound of the birds singing.

Joy at the realization that it is the weekend.

Joy at the door slamming as your siblings leave the house.

Joy at the idea of a day without your siblings.

Joy at the sound of your brothers riding away.

Joy at the weekend.

October 18

Forest Poems

I wrote 3 poems about forests. Here they are.


F is for forgotten, as most of these are.

O is for oak, as some of the trees are.

R is for rare, as there aren’t many left.

E is for excellent, because that’s what they are.

S is for saving, which is what we should do.

T is for trees, because that’s what they’re full of.



As we know,

Some things will go.

Once calm and tall

Now weak and small

Things we love

People will shove

Away from us

It’s quite serious.

Soon the world,

When it is quite old,

Our forests will be gone.



Beautiful and calm, it’s amazing and unreal.

It’s age and wisdom can make one feel

Small and insignificant

Like a mouse next to an elephant

Its age and beauty makes me sad

Because some people are quite bad

How long will this forest last?

Will it disappear slowly or leave fast?