November 26

PT Challenge Reflection

On Friday the 23rd of November we had the PT challenge. We had to get into groups and go around Moreland to answer questions about places like Ceres and Pentridge Prison. In my team, we had 6 people. Bridget, Zehra, Pippa, Nekki, Estella and I.

I think that our team did a considerably good job, but I don’t know how many points we managed to earn.

We went to lots of places like Ceres, which had lots of majestic chickens and one rooster (which was also majestic).

I think that everyone in my team had a fun time, even when it started raining, which slowed us down quite a lot. Everyone in our team managed to contribute in one way or another and we managed to get quite a few questions done.

When it started raining, it came as a bit of a challenge to the group, because we needed to keep the map and question sheet dry, so that we didn’t have to hand it a soggy ball of mush instead of paper. Our group went through a few challenges and sometimes we felt tired and like we wanted to stop, but Bridget kept dragging us to the next bus stop and making us keep going.

Even when it was raining really hard outside, our team still kept going for ages, until we finally decided to go back to school and wait for 2:30.

Overall, I think that all of the teams had a fun time, and the day was a good way to get us out of school for a bit and let us learn more about the PT system without locking us in a room with a bunch of maps and timetables.

October 30

Valedictorian Speech

Welcome year sixes, parents, and teachers to the 2018 graduation.

The teachers have asked us to write a nice summary of our time here at school, but that would be a biased reflection of our time here. All of us have felt at one point as if school was like a giant box of moldy peanuts. Even if you chose what you got, you wouldn’t like it. We’ve all had that one day when we didn’t want to get up and go to school, but your parents forced you to come anyway. We’ve all had those times when we felt like school was a waste, but now all that time has been leading up to right now. Every choice we’ve made has led up to who we are now, and has created our unique personalities.

Despite how much we may or may not have liked our time at this school, I think that most of us will be sad to leave MPPS and all our memories from our time here.

Now that we’re leaving Moonee Ponds primary, we’ll be going other schools and probably leaving some friends. but our shared experiences here, good and bad, will always be a part of us, even when we’ve graduated from whatever high school we end up at. Although we’ve only spent about fourteen hundred days at school, it probably feels like much, much longer.

Looking back on our time here, we’ll all have at least one fond memory of our time here. We can only imagine how much different our childhood would have been if we had gone to some other school, and met other friends and had other teachers. But what happened in the past has happened and all we can do is be grateful for the choices we, and everyone else, have made in the past seven years.

I’d like to end my valedictorian speech with a quote from Dr Seuss. Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory.

October 12


3: In 12000ish years the north star will change.

3: The Babylonians made calendars.

3: The Mayan long count calendar used a base of 20.

2: Why did they Greeks/Romans think the earth was in the centre of the universe?

2: How were things happening in space affecting the lives of the Maya?

1: This video reflected on three cultures whose knowledge affected the modern knowledge of space.

May 22

Cyber Safety Webinar

This webinar was about safety online and how to avoid being tricked.

It showed examples of different scams they have come across, like ones telling you to upload a tool to stop viruses that put one onto your computer.

Another scam they showed was one were they would tell people to buy cute puppies but then take their money and not give them the money back. Over 40 thousand dollars has been lost to scams like this.

8.7% people get tricked by these scams and loose their money. 161 528 people have reported these scams.

One very dangerous thing that can happen to the files on a computer is when somebody hacks into the files and locks them, telling you that you have to pay them money to get back the files, and putting a time limit on it saying if you don’t pay before then that the price to get your computer back will go up.

Basically this webinar was about different ways people can be scammed or tricked online, ways to avoid them and how to identify if something is real or fake.

April 16

Book Review: River of Fire

Review: I think that the genre of this book was adventure and fiction. I think it was adventure because it’s about groups of cats living in a forest around a lake, and they get into battles and things like fires and droughts happen. I think its fiction because there is no such thing as the place that they live in the real world and the cats and their clans don’t really exist. Something that surprised me was when Mistystar decided to close RiverClan’s border, because before this book Mistystar was always a sensible character. My favorite part is when Twigpaw and Finpaw (a cat from SkyClan who came with her to ThunderClan) are accepted and get their full names, which means that they completed training, and they are accepted into the clan.

My favourite character in this book is Twigpaw, because she is the positive and encouraging character that keeps going even if others are trying to stop her, and she only does what she thinks is right and not what other people tell her.

I would recommend this book to people who like cats and who aren’t bothered by a bit of fighting or annoying characters. I would say the age group for reading this book is for everyone that likes all the things listed and has an understanding of tier 2+ language.

Summary: This book was about what happened when Twigpaw (one of the main characters) left SkyClan to go back to ThunderClan because she didn’t feel that she was at home, and the things that she had to do to let ThunderClan accept her since she had already left ThunderClan before. It was also, about how the rouge cat Tree that Needletail showed Violetshine had to fit in to SkyClan even though he didn’t want to become a warrior or medicine cat. This made the book interesting because these 2 characters shared the problem of having to fit in and have the other characters accept them.

Overall, I would rate this book 4½ out of 5.

February 25



Hi, I’m Emma. Not that I want to, but I think I would be a good SRC representative because I have a few qualities that are good in an SRC person.

First, I listen to people’s ideas so that everyone can have a say in what they think should happen, and don’t just use my own ideas.

I also am organized (mostly) and remember to bring things like a pencil, a notebook and other things like that.

I also can remember the school values and what we should be doing to follow them. I think this is a good thing for an SRC representative to have and would be good for lots of things in SRC like making decisions about things that might affect the school.

I think being in SRC would also be a good opportunity for me to build my communication and public speaking skills more because at the moment they’re not the best.

Anyway, that’s why I think I would be a good SRC representative.



February 11

It came down the drainpipe. I didn’t know what it was, and I didn’t really care about it.

Until it STOLE MY CHOCOLATE. That made me mad, so I did the logical thing. I threw my shoe at it. Nothing happened, except I missed. THEN, to make my day even WORSE, it ATE MY CHOCOLATE.

My beautiful, chocolatey one-dollar chocolate!

I had spent ONE WHOLE DOLLAR on that chocolate, so I wasn’t going to let some weird thing from the drainpipe steal it. It was MINE. MY chocolate. I will fight this thing-from-the-drainpipe with my beautiful life. For my chocolate.


February 3

Homework: Letter about MOI! 😉

Hi, anybody reading this (whoever that might be)

I’m Emma (you should already know this and if you don’t… how did you get here? And how don’t you know the name of the blog?).

I live in… actually I won’t tell you.

I have 7 pets. A dog called Scout, a Cat called Sparky (he’s older than me in HUMAN YEARS. am) and some fish called um… let me think about that….. nah I’ll get back to you on their names.

I have a mum and a dad (obviously) and two twin brothers called Tom and Bryn. They’re equally annoying. And even more annoying than you think.

You most likely got to my blog through the school website, so you should know that I go to MPPS. I’m 11 years old (turning 12) and in grade 6. I like cats AND dogs so don’t ask me which is better. I hate homework (especially maths homework) and like (read- LOVE)  holidays and the weekend.

I’ve been on holiday and camping a lot. (my mother is very active) and seen interesting things like wave rock in western Australia and temples in Vietnam.

I like to relax, hang out with my friends and read books. some series I love include Percy Jackson, Heroes of Olympus, Magnus Chase, Warriors and Wings Of Fire.

My Chinese zodiac sign is the dog, since I was born in 2006, the year of the dog. I like dogs. My dog is fluffy, small, and cute!

So that’s all you need to know about me! Bye!

Seriously, bye.

Stop reading.


December 15

The Giver Book Reflection.

I think this book was a Sci-Fi book and I think it was set in the future. The part I did not like about this book was that there were many flashbacks and too much time was spent explaining things in the first few chapters. However, I think that overall it was a good book. It was interesting how the book had small twists that are there, but you never notice them until the author mentions it. Examples of this include that there was no colour or real feelings. I would recommend this book to people that like sci-fi or fiction books because I feel like that is the books genre. The plot was interesting because it went from being about somebody having a normal life, then he finds out that his life is not perfect.

I think the author wrote this to make us feel grateful for all the things we take for granted. These things include snow, memories, strong feelings and even being unique.

My favourite part was when Jonas found out that, his life wasn’t perfect and that he had no hunger or poverty but it was at the price of losing many things we take for granted.

If I had been the author, I might’ve changed the part at the end and made it harder for Jonas to leave his family behind.

Overall, I think this book was aimed at people who take things for granted.

My rating of this book is 8/10.