October 12


3: In 12000ish years the north star will change.

3: The Babylonians made calendars.

3: The Mayan long count calendar used a base of 20.

2: Why did they Greeks/Romans think the earth was in the centre of the universe?

2: How were things happening in space affecting the lives of the Maya?

1: This video reflected on three cultures whose knowledge affected the modern knowledge of space.

October 11

I am me

We had to do a poem for class about who we are. Here’s mine

I am the girl who loves animals

I am the student who is very calm.

I am the friend that is nice to people.

I am the sister who doesn’t like her brothers.

I am the cousin who gets annoyed by her family.

I am the youngest child who is always annoyed by her siblings.

I am the person that is usually happy.

I am the girl who cares for others.

I am Emma.

August 15

Charles homework RESPONSES 😉

Rowan said that Charles was Laure’s imaginary friend and I was interested in that because I thought Charles had just been made up by Laure because he was doing those things and wanted to see how his parents would react without getting himself in trouble.

Tara mentioned how Laure might have been feeling and I had never thought of that or why Laure was acting like he was.

Tara mentioned that Laure might have wanted to make his parents proud and I think that was interesting to say because to me he didn’t act like that.

Charlie mentioned how the kid might have felt which interested me because I didn’t think of the kid as a main character so I thought it was interesting that Charlie used the kid in this.



August 15

Charles homework

  • The main character was the dad and his son Laurie.

Laure wears jeans, a shirt and a belt and it never says what the dad wears.

The dad was concerned about ‘Charles’ and how ‘Charles’ was going to influence his son.

  • I think that the dad wants his son to have a good education and a happy life and I’m not sure what the son wants.

I think he wants this maybe because he had a bad education or he wants his son to have success with his life.

  • The end leaves the character hanging with the “Charles? We don’t have a Charles in the class” so it doesn’t say if the dad is successful with his wish.

The obstacle is probably that Charles is apparently there and might be a bad influence.

  • I’m not sure if the characters changed because like I said before it ends with a cliff-hanger and doesn’t say if there is success or if the characters have learnt anything.

His son might have learnt to be better, because apparently Charles “gave the crayons around and he picked up the books afterward”. This might have been the case if Laurie was actually Charles.

  • The author made this realistic by making it in the world we live in and having problems that might occur here, and not in some fantasy land with fairies and dragons and made it set in everday places: a school and a house.

The disasters were probably this mythical “Charles’s” influence on Laurie and the fact that, as we learnt later, there is no “Charles in the class”

The setting is helpful because, as I said before they are everyday places most people know.

This is a world where it’s mostly the same as our world with people and schools and parents and teachers and etc., etc., ect,…

August 5

Joseph Bryant short story homework

  • The ideas and concepts this story helps you understand are feelings like sadness and loss when Joseph dies, and love throughout the entire story.
  • I think the author is saying that people should be supportive of everyone, no matter what they look like or if they have disabilities or a sickness like Joseph was. I think that the author wanted the reader to understand what love truly is and why we should be grateful that we get to feel emotions like love. I think after reading this story, the author wants people to think do I actually love this/them? How sad would I be if I lost it/them?
  • People who don’t understand love might get more from this story than, say a person who knows what love is and fully understands its meaning. I think that when it says “He held on for longer than any of the doctors or nurses thought he would.” It is saying that even if you or someone you love is going through something like cancer, there is always hope that they will recover.
  • I don’t think there is anything in this text that would be representing something, but maybe this is representing somebody in the authors life.
  • Something that happened in the story all the time was Joseph being enthusiastic and always being happy. So maybe it’s trying to say that there is always hope. It might be representing that humans are able to go through lots, and you can hope but it’s not going to mean it will work.
  • I think the themes in this story were hope sadness and loss. Hope for Joseph to survive, Loss when he dies and Love from Charlotte.


July 26


Eleven short story: read like a writer

IDEAS: The writer is writing about a person who has just turned nine and feels like they are still different ages and wish nobody noticed them.

ORGANIZATION: It was organized so that the reader would know how the character was feeling and what made them so annoyed and upset.

VOICE: The writer made it clear how the character was feeling and it also used an age to say what part of the character was making them feel like that.

WORD CHOICE: The author described the characters well and used something that might have been a metaphor: sitting there like a big red mountain and hanging all over the edge like a waterfall.

SENTINCE FLUENCY: There wasn’t much dialog, and the sentences were mostly describing

July 25

Little Ania: Read like a reader


I predict this will be about a small girl called Ania who is different from everyone else.


I infer that she might not be cured in the hospital.

I infer that the nurses won’t find out.

I infer that the old man is working for the nurses.


Why does she have hair?

How did her great-great (idk how many greats) grandmother make the person?


I am reminded of books about crazy scientists and strange people like the book wonder (which I haven’t read but know about) when I read this.


When she went to hospital I felt sad and felt like the others should of just accepted her as what she was.


This story was interesting, it made me curious and I wanted to find out what happened next and why she was like this.

June 20

My story: The BEGINNING of the END

This is my story. I hope that you like it. If you think I could improve anything please tell me because I am going to write a sequel. 


I Groaned and rolled over, rubbing my eyes as sunlight blazed into my bedroom, casting a cheerful glow around the room.

I rolled off the bed, pulling the blankets with me and landed with a loud THUD on the carpeted bedroom floor.

Groaning again, I got up and began to get dressed.

Outside, birds were singing their little songs, calling to each other as they flew through the cloudy sky.

In the distance, I could faintly hear the sounds of the busy marketplace on the other side of town.

It seemed like a typical day in this little town, nothing bad had happened yet today.

But I knew better.

SOMETHING was wrong.

I needed to know WHAT though.

I ran out my room, down the stairs and raced into my parent’s room.

“Mum?” I called softly. “Dad?”

A strange, almost invisible shape rose from the bed, defiantly not one of my parents.

“Listen” It said, in a hissing voice like 10 voices speaking at once.

“For I shall tell you this only once, then you must pass on the message to those who understand more.”

I swallowed. “O-ok” I said in a hoarse whisper.

Then the ghost began to speak.




“Darkness sleeps, unaware

Hidden away in a secret lair

A promise can be kept and broken

Opposite fates to be spoken.

White and Black must stand together,

Against the darkness that goes forever.”


I sensed movement behind me, and turned to see my brother standing there, looking at me with wide eyes.

“Y-you killed them!” He gasped.

“What??!!” I exclaimed, surprised by the sudden accusation.

My brother turned and ran down the hallway, and a few seconds later I heard the door slam shut.

I quickly raced into my room and grabbed a bag, a water bottle and a bow.

I tugged at the window, then realised It was stuck.

Deciding I didn’t have time to search for the key, I grabbed my clock and threw it at the window.

The window shattered, and I pulled on a jumper and some sandals.   Quickly and swiftly, I leaped out the window and landed on the street.

Recovering quickly, I ran down the streets and into the forest.

Very soon, I heard the rustling of leaves and a small, nimble shape landed in front of me.

It moved forward quickly, its eyes glinting in the darkness.

It came closer.

And closer.

And closer.

May 23

My Graph: Average Global Temperatures

This is my graph

This is the data I used to make this graph:

 I chose a line graph because line graphs are used for showing change over time and this data shows the temperature from 1860 to 2000.

By looking at this graph, you can see that it was hotter in 2000 than in 1900.