March 18

Changing Australia Day: BTN Reflection.

People are debating to change the date.

Aboriginals don’t like the date because it’s when they got invaded.

The first fleet landed in Sydney cove.

If the date gets changed, what day will it be changed to?

What is a good way to decide the new date?

I understand why people want to change the date of Australia day.

March 13

HWC challenge: Prompt can be found on the website.

Yesterday my father dropped his cup,

Yesterday his cup he dropped.

He dropped it over the paddocks.

Over the paddocks, he dropped his cup.

On a summer afternoon, he dropped it,

He dropped it on a summer afternoon.

It broke the sound barrier that day,

The sound barrier that day it broke.

The cup was bigger than my head,

Bigger than my head was the cup.

It startled the animals and it scared the sheep,

Startling the animals and scaring the sheep,

He sent me out to find it today.

I found it but how do I get it back?

March 5

HWC CHALLENGE: What if I was in charge?

The world is very funny.

It seems to involve a lot of money.

But what if I was in charge?

Would the people be very large?

Would I make more rivers and forests?

Or would I keep all the money in a closet?

Would I make people have rights and money?

Or would I go and eat all the honey?

Would I make everyone have what they need?

Or would I give to the wealthy, seeds?

It’s a big and questioning question, this.

Would I succeed or would I miss?

I wonder what would happen.

If I was in charge.


March 3


3.) People have different opinions about what a leader is.

3.) Australian school children have been interviewed about what they think should be changed.

3.) Most people who believe they can make a change do.

2.) what are the best qualities in a leader?

2.) why are some people who are bad leaders leaders? 

1.) I understand how different leaders have different leadership qualities.

February 25



Hi, I’m Emma. Not that I want to, but I think I would be a good SRC representative because I have a few qualities that are good in an SRC person.

First, I listen to people’s ideas so that everyone can have a say in what they think should happen, and don’t just use my own ideas.

I also am organized (mostly) and remember to bring things like a pencil, a notebook and other things like that.

I also can remember the school values and what we should be doing to follow them. I think this is a good thing for an SRC representative to have and would be good for lots of things in SRC like making decisions about things that might affect the school.

I think being in SRC would also be a good opportunity for me to build my communication and public speaking skills more because at the moment they’re not the best.

Anyway, that’s why I think I would be a good SRC representative.



February 25

FIRST BTN REFLECTION OF 2018: What is a democracy?

3.)  Democracy started in ancient Greece.

3.) Democracy comes from the words demos and kratos.

3.) Greece was one of the first countries to experiment with a better way of leading their people.

2.) Why did the idea of a democracy die out?

2.) would history of been different if the idea of a democracy didn’t die out?

1.) I understand that other countries have different laws and types of government.

February 22


On a dark midnight day, in the cold winter air, a bunch of trees prepared for a summertime battle in the corner of the circle. The bald trees pulled out their hair as they ran slowly towards the other trees that were conveniently behind them.

Eating soggy whizz fizz they ran north, they attacked all the other trees in their way, by giving them fertilizer and water to keep them healthy.

Munching on their soggy breakfast cereals, they spat fire at the other trees, so that the other trees could feel nice and warm.

That is the end of this.


February 14


We were moving very fast when a large gust of wind came and stole my lunch.

I glared at my dad. “I told you to put down the window.”

“I’m sorry. Is this not SATISFACTORY for you?” He said.

“Yes actually.” He sighed and rolled his eyes. “Out of the car.”

I glared at him. “No.”

He glared back. “Yes. Walk to the campsite.”

I spat out my next words. “Fine.”

I jumped out of the car and stalked down the road, though the car quickly overtook me.

By the time I reached the campsite..

Nobody. There was nobody there.

February 11

It came down the drainpipe. I didn’t know what it was, and I didn’t really care about it.

Until it STOLE MY CHOCOLATE. That made me mad, so I did the logical thing. I threw my shoe at it. Nothing happened, except I missed. THEN, to make my day even WORSE, it ATE MY CHOCOLATE.

My beautiful, chocolatey one-dollar chocolate!

I had spent ONE WHOLE DOLLAR on that chocolate, so I wasn’t going to let some weird thing from the drainpipe steal it. It was MINE. MY chocolate. I will fight this thing-from-the-drainpipe with my beautiful life. For my chocolate.


February 3

Homework: Letter about MOI! 😉

Hi, anybody reading this (whoever that might be)

I’m Emma (you should already know this and if you don’t… how did you get here? And how don’t you know the name of the blog?).

I live in… actually I won’t tell you.

I have 7 pets. A dog called Scout, a Cat called Sparky (he’s older than me in HUMAN YEARS. am) and some fish called um… let me think about that….. nah I’ll get back to you on their names.

I have a mum and a dad (obviously) and two twin brothers called Tom and Bryn. They’re equally annoying. And even more annoying than you think.

You most likely got to my blog through the school website, so you should know that I go to MPPS. I’m 11 years old (turning 12) and in grade 6. I like cats AND dogs so don’t ask me which is better. I hate homework (especially maths homework) and like (read- LOVE)  holidays and the weekend.

I’ve been on holiday and camping a lot. (my mother is very active) and seen interesting things like wave rock in western Australia and temples in Vietnam.

I like to relax, hang out with my friends and read books. some series I love include Percy Jackson, Heroes of Olympus, Magnus Chase, Warriors and Wings Of Fire.

My Chinese zodiac sign is the dog, since I was born in 2006, the year of the dog. I like dogs. My dog is fluffy, small, and cute!

So that’s all you need to know about me! Bye!

Seriously, bye.

Stop reading.