August 9

HWC Flame Ice Lime Regularly Clock

My neighbour Ham Regularly eats Frog soup, with a dash of Lime. He says this improves the flavour, but I’m not that sure. Last week, when the  Clock struck 2:30, he invited my family over to his house for dinner. We thought it was a bit early, but we came anyway, in case we offended him.

For dinner Ham served us roast beef, toasted over an open Flame, and for dessert we had apple pie, cooled by being sat on a block of Ice. Although he is weird. My neighbour Ham is generally a nice person. He’s quite weirdly fabulous.

August 2


So, as I looked over the edge, I saw a long, long drop down. My stomach lurched slightly, and I dug my hands into the railing, my gloves crunching against the small ice particles.

“It isn’t that bad, if you don’t look over the edge.” Said my dad, following my gaze. I thought it was easy for him to say. He wasn’t afraid of heights.

I sat down on a bench, the wet snow crackling as it slid away from me. I hadn’t exactly been excited when dad had announced we’d be going up to Mt. Bulla to go skiing.

June 11

HWC: Bridge Sprinkled Pink Daffodil Huge.

One day I was walking my dog and I saw a huge bridge that somebody had sprinkled pink daffodils on. My dog spotted a quite big daffodil floating on the water, and decided to jump right off the bridge to go get it, dragging me with him.

I hit the water and I felt like I landed on a bouncy castle. I looked down and realised that I had, and when I realised it I sprung back in the air. My dog decided to jump on my back and slobber in my ear.

Soon I realised I was in trouble.

June 11

Btn: Cape Town water crisis.

The people get 50L a day.

When the tap water supply ends its going to be called day zero.

People are going to extreme lengths to save water.

How long can they delay day zero?

What will happen to them on day zero?

This Btn was about the drought in Cape Town, how it affects the people there and what they’re doing to save water.



June 2


It can take years to rebuild

The most important needs are food, shelter, clean water and medical attention

It affected more people than when the tsunami hit Asia

many people are injured?

How many people are trapped or stranded?

How This is about how countries have to rebuild and what troubles they go through after a natural disaster.


June 2


One day a child was walking in the park when they saw two spiky green things. They asked their friend what it was, but their friend didn’t know, so they picked them off the tree and took them home. When they got home the spikes started to grow until they were as long as a pencil. Then the spiky green things came alive and ate the two kids. Then it danced around and ate all the food, until it decided to take over the world and turn everything into a spiky green thing like it.

It was a weird day.

May 27



3: Africa will split in half in the next 10 million years.

3: the crack is in rift valley, Kenya.

3: it appeared after a heavy rainfall.

2: how quickly is it splitting apart?

2: why didn’t they notice it until now?

1: this explains the crack in Africa that shows evidence of it splitting apart, how it appeared and what it means for the future.

May 27

HWC challenge.

prompt is in bold.

When you wake up in the morning, you have to grab a hula skirt and dance around your bedroom, singing “MAGICAL UNICORNS ARE GOOD FOR YOUR HEALTH” and then eat half your pillow. Then you have to run downstairs and sneeze into the compost bin five times.

No, no. I can hear you already. I hear your excuse. But I didn’t understand the instructions!

You did. Don’t lie to me. You have to do this. If you don’t have a hula skirt, take it from your siblings or parent. If you don’t have a pillow steal it.

You do understand.

May 22

Cyber Safety Webinar

This webinar was about safety online and how to avoid being tricked.

It showed examples of different scams they have come across, like ones telling you to upload a tool to stop viruses that put one onto your computer.

Another scam they showed was one were they would tell people to buy cute puppies but then take their money and not give them the money back. Over 40 thousand dollars has been lost to scams like this.

8.7% people get tricked by these scams and loose their money. 161 528 people have reported these scams.

One very dangerous thing that can happen to the files on a computer is when somebody hacks into the files and locks them, telling you that you have to pay them money to get back the files, and putting a time limit on it saying if you don’t pay before then that the price to get your computer back will go up.

Basically this webinar was about different ways people can be scammed or tricked online, ways to avoid them and how to identify if something is real or fake.